Eiko Miki

I mainly create metal pieces and have been fascinated by the freedom of design that comes with metal sheets. I studied metal hammering at the Tokyo University of Arts in Japan, and spent time living in Michigan during high school.

I love to observe how nature all on its own forms subtleties and ultimately its own natural character. When working with metal, I try to recreate how the aspects of nature I see were brought into this world and then appear to us. The idea that metal becomes perceptible through touch and interaction is reflected when transforming those ideas into my own crafted images. The experience I want my work to impart is getting back in touch with nature through a perspective of nature.

The structures and systems we live with have a tendency to distract us from the simplicity that is and has been always around us. Nature refreshes that simplicity. Much of my inspiration come from observations of the diversity and relationships between all creatures and nature, yet still find ways to express their character.




Instagram < @em.eikomiki >


2012  Bachelor of Metal Hammering from Tokyo University of Arts,Tokyo, Japan

2013  Studied Art Jewelry at Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany

2015  MFA from Tokyo University of Arts, Tokyo, Japan


2012  Harada Award


Solo Exhibitions

2019.Nov.  太陽を食べる《Galerie H inTokyo》

2019. Jun.  旅の途中で《ARCOT/Museo Casa Grau in Bogota, Colombia》

Group Exhibitions

2018.Aug.  三越×藝大 夏の芸術祭《日本橋三越本館inTokyo》

2018.Apr.  つくえの上に楽しい展《桃林堂in Aoyama Tokyo》

2016. Oct.   日常にない金属のカタチ《Gallery5610 in Tokyo》

2015. Jan.    東京藝術大学大学院 修了作品展《藝大大学美術館 in Tokyo》

2014. May.  Jahresausstellung 《Burggiebichenstein Halle in Germany》

2013. Jan.    ストリート!2013《上野駅Breakステーションギャラリーin Tokyo》 

2012. Apr.   芸大・茨大・筑波大  卒業修了制作選抜展《東海ステーションギャラリーin Ibaraki》

2012. Jan.   東京藝術大学  卒業作品展《芸大構内 in Tokyo》


Craft Market

  • 2016.Dec.24-25 Komogomo展(東京藝術大学後援アートマーケット in Ueno Park →http://komogomo.com)